Should I Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment?

If you are looking to outfit an operating room or surgery center, you may be wondering if buying new equipment has more advantages than buying refurbished equipment.

So, why would you buy refurbished medical equipment versus new?  And how do you know where to buy it?

Buying New Means Paying More

When you buy a piece of new equipment versus refurbished, you’re going to pay quite a bit more even though the refurbished equipment, when purchased from a reputable company, such as Heartland Medical Sales & Services, will look and work like new.

You Can Get a Warranty

Buying refurbished medical equipment from a well-respected company, such as Heartland Medical, gives you the option of a warranty on the equipment you purchased as well as the potential to sign a service contract to have the equipment serviced whenever needed (depending on where your facility is located).

Quality is Everything

The quality of equipment you will receive from Heartland Medical is unbeatable! The biomedical teams that refurbish medical equipment for Heartland Medical have extensive backgrounds in the refurbishing process and work tenaciously to ensure that each piece of equipment that leaves the building is in terrific working condition and like-new physical condition.

Heartland Medical received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is well known for having excellent customer care and remarkable one-to-one customer experiences. 

Heartland Medical is dedicated to making sure all of their customers are properly equipped and satisfied with their overall experience.

So, if you are trying to decide on whether to buy your operating room equipment new or refurbished, remember the benefits of buying refurbished outweighs the disadvantages.  And when you’re ready to make the investment, please call Heartland Medical.  They will provide a satisfying, pleasurable experience for you and can offer quality, refurbished, warranty-backed equipment at discounted prices!

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