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As a distributor of Pre-owned, Refurbished Anesthesia Machines, Heartland Medical Sales & Services offers an extensive line of used anesthesia equipment including office-based anaesthetic machines and MRI anesthesia systems with vaporizers & ventilators.

You will find Anesthetic Workstations for sale, rent, and lease manufactured by Drager, Fabius, GE Healthcare, Datex-Ohmeda, Datascope, and Penlon available at Heartland Medical.

All of our used medical devices are professionally refurbished to original factory specifications by in-house trained & certified biomedical technicians.

Featured Available Used Anesthesia Machines For Sale:

Why Buy a Used Anesthesia Machine?

Purchasing a pre-owned anesthesia machine has become very common for hospitals and surgical centers. Many hospital management, government and educational healthcare agencies advocate for the use of refurbished medical devices. A number of factors contribute to this trend; few if any are more important than cost and reliability.

Cost of purchasing used vs new anesthesia delivery systems:  It is almost always significantly less expensive to buy a used anesthesia machine. When making purchasing decisions  hospitals must consider the initial purchase price along with the cost of maintaining, running, and any needed additional training expenses. New equipment can be more expensive to maintain due to a limited availability of machine service providers, thus increasing the cost of routine maintenance. In addition anesthesiologists and associated staff may need specialized training to operate the new state of the art systems.

Buying a professionally refurbished device from Heartland Medical often eliminates unnecessary expenses while providing a familiar, reliable, ‘like-new’ machine.  Given such practical and economic benefits it is easy to see how cost is a primary reason institutions choose to invest in used equipment.

Reliability is another determining factor. When purchasing a used, hospitals are able to select equipment they are familiar with. In addition they are getting a proven device which has been completely restored, ensuring it is able to perform its functions at the highest standards possible. Professionally refurbished medical equipment that comes with a warranty from a trusted provider is proven to be very reliable.