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5 Must-Have Medical Supplies at a Pain Management Center

Did you know that the costs for cotton and most metals have increased by 30% since fall 2020? Medical supply shortages have plagued the nation and have made many facilities rethink where they get their supplies from. 

As a pain management center, you need readily available supplies for diagnostics, treatments, and exams. Long shipping times, delays, or out-of-stock supplies can hinder your patient interventions and overall success. 

At Heartland Medical, we have broken down the top five medical supplies that are a must-have when stocking your pain management center. Keep reading on and learn more about how to find a reliable and reputable medical supply chain store for your next purchases. 

Pain Management Center 101

As a pain management facility, you may specialize in diagnosing and managing chronic pain conditions. There are two primary types of pain management centers: 

  • Conventional
  • Complementary and alternative

Conventional or traditional clinics treat pain through medication, rehab, injections, education, or other treatments. You might manage staff such as medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and dieticians.

Complementary and alternative clinics might still offer medication and traditional treatment approaches. They could also include holistic remedies like acupuncture, biofeedback, and meditation. Before diving into medical supplies needed, look at your staffing, unit size, and patient clientele for better introspection into the equipment you need.  

1. Imaging Equipment

A center for pain management often deals with chronic pain. Around 50 million adults have chronic pain, resulting in $80 billion in lost annual wages. Chronic pain can stem from old injuries, poor lifestyle habits, or completely unknown causes. 

If someone walks into your building with chronic low back, you need proper imaging equipment to ensure nothing else structurally is occurring. In some instances, a missed fracture or bulging disc could be the cause.

Expensive equipment like X-Rays and MRIs are often unnecessary in ruling out simple diagnoses. Diagnostic ultrasound can examine a patient’s blood flow and assist with needle placements that might be needed to withdraw tissue samples or injections. 

2. Medical Carts

While not the most exciting piece of equipment, medical carts are needed to house medication and other supplies. These carts make it easier for your nursing staff and physicians to complete their tasks efficiently. Heartland Medical can customize medical carts to your facility’s needs, such as procedure or general-purpose carts. 

They include high-quality and durable materials with dividers that make it much easier to go about your daily tasks. It also gives you space to safely store medications or other medical products that need to be locked. 

3. Hospital Stretcher or Procedure Chairs

While your pain clinic might not be a fully equipped surgical facility, you still need a basic exam and procedure equipment for patients. For example, hospital stretchers are used to transport patients and for simple or complex procedures. Purchasing durable hospital stretchers can help you withstand repetitive use and ensure your patients are safe and comfortable during exams.

Along with procedural equipment, ensure you have the right products to assist you. These can be things as simple as stools, tables, or stands. Stand-alone equipment is essential for making physicians or clinicians comfortable working with patients. 

4. Stainless Steel Storage

Like medical carts, stainless steel storage is vital for keeping a sanitary work environment. They are adaptable and durable with many uses. One of the biggest benefits of stainless steel storage is infection control. 

Pain clinics can experience various diagnoses that need closer evaluations. You could be dealing with orthopedic issues, infections, chronic diseases, and more. It is essential you prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. 

Other benefits of stainless steel storage are that it can be used directly in patient treatment or procedural rooms. They have antibacterial properties and high resistance, making them ideal for any environment. 

5. First Aid or Defibrillators

Any facility working directly with patients should be prepared for the worst-case scenario. In operating rooms, you may need several types of anesthesia machines and instruments to help prevent or mitigate cardiac events. A pain clinic may operate in an outpatient facility with no staffing or equipment for immediate surgical needs. 

Instead, you need defibrillators that are spaced throughout your body. Train your staff on how to perform CPR and first aid correctly.

There are several types of defibrillators, but automated external defibrillators are one of the easiest and most commonly used ones. They can be manually operated by your staff and give you time to call 911 if it is a true emergency. 

How To Find Quality Pain Management Center Equipment

Finding equipment for your pain management center begins with a quality supplier. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • What training certifications do they have? 
  • Do they have online reviews?
  • Do they have technical support staff? 
  • Do they have liability protection insurance?
  • How is their inventory?

Heartland Medical has over 150 years of experience combined with $3 million in liability insurance protection with numerous positive customer ratings. You can find equipment by facility type or brand to help you locate exactly what you need for your pain management clinic. 

Find Pain Management Center Supplies

A pain management center is a jack-of-all-trades. Some days are spent reviewing case after case of chronic back pain, while others might require more intensive procedures or therapeutic recommendations. You need equipment that can keep up with the challenges. 

At Heartland Medical, we have everything you need to restock your medical supplies, from medical carts to patient exam tables. We also include emergency equipment such as defibrillators. With numerous brands, we have thousands of supplies in stock and ready to shop. 

Visit our site today and shop our entire line of medical supply products to get started. 

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