Hearland Medical Donates Incubators

Why We Donate

Heartland Medical Donates Incubators

Incubator Employed for Newborn Child

At Heartland Medical, we like people to know we are company built on high standards, quality products and family values.  We believe  good things happen to good people and strive to be not only the best at what we do, but also to retain a reputation that says we care about the people we encounter along the way.

Over the years, Heartland Medical has donated medical equipment to several hospitals and facilities in places where it was greatly needed.  We feel there is no greater gift than giving help where help is needed and we focus every day on doing our part to better the world.

Over the last five years alone, Heartland Medical has donated incubators to hospitals for premature babies in third world countries and medical lights to facilities where conducting operations were vital but lighting was poor.  We have also offered discounted rates to communities and to medical groups who were traveling to third-world countries on medical missions.

We plan to continue this work for people in need because we like to do what is right.  We gain a great deal of pride in knowing that we have made a difference in even just one life and we are ecstatic when we can change the lives of many.

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At Heartland Medical, we donate because we believe in the value of helping others and bettering the world as a whole.  We will continue to give to those in need and hope to make even just a small difference in the lives of those who benefit.  We donate, not because we have to or just because we want to.  We donate because we want to be the type of company who does what is right and what helps our fellow man and our planet.

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