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What Sets Heartland Medical Apart?

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Over the years, Heartland Medical has striven to meet a number of goals.  We have aimed to improve with each passing year,  worked towards constant improvement and aspired to be the best at what we do.  There have been many obstacles to overcome and plenty of hurdles to clear, but after almost 20 years of effort, hard-work and constant progression, Heartland Medical has a noteworthy team and a terrific reputation. So, what makes Heartland Medical different from other medical equipment companies?

History and Experience

 The primary characteristics that make Heartland Medical stand out are history and experience.  When the founders of Heartland Medical started the company, they already had years of experience in anesthesia machine sales and repair under their belts and their expertise has continually expanded since then, adding new and advanced information to their knowledge database each year.


Another facet which sets Heartland Medical apart is their reputation.  We know that without an exceptional reputation, Heartland Medical will not likely maintain existing customers nor  gain new customers in the future.  Heartland Medical knows that the customer comes first and without the customer, the company will not survive.  So, ourfocus is on letting each and every customer know they are valued and appreciated.  We are eager to answer any questions – large or small – and to fulfill any requests the customer may have. Heartland Medical knows that outfitting any operating room or surgery suite is a huge investment and plenty of thought and deliberation have to go into it.  We want our clients to feel at ease and in control of their venture.

The Team

Finally, Heartland Medical is extraordinary because of its people.  The team behind Heartland Medical cares about good character, they care about integrity and they care about the people they work with as much as they do their customers.  Heartland Medical is a family business, founded on morality, principles and good, old-fashioned hard work.  And as long as Heartland Medical is around, we will continue to progressively seek to be more knowledgeable, more reputable and more character driven than any other company out there.  Heartland Medical wants to stand apart from the other medical equipment companies.  We want people to think ‘Heart’ when they hear Heartland Medical.
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