Refurbishing Medical Equipment

Refurbished Anesthesia Machines and Medical Devices

Heartland Medical provides refurbished anesthesia machines that are certified to manufacturer specifications by our anesthesia system specialists. Our anesthesia specialists are manufacturer trained and hold certificates of authorized training for all models (see credentials). All of our re-marketed medical devices are completely refurbished. They look, function and are warranted like new machines. Our used anesthesia workstations meet or exceed all anesthesia safety standards. They come complete with all subsystems serviced to the maximum maintenance level and are patient ready. Heartland Medical consistently has over 100 machines available in inventory giving hospitals a wide variety to choose from. We provide a growing list of references to aid in your research. Heartland Medical Sales & Services LLC is FDA registered, member of IMDA and Better Business Bureau. The company carries $5 million product liability insurance which can name the purchaser as an added insured. Our technicians are available for on-site delivery and set up when necessary.  

Our Refurbishing Process

 Why Buy Refurbished Equipment?

Purchasing pre-owned capital medical equipment has become very common for hospitals and surgical centers.  Many hospital management, government and educational healthcare agencies advocate for the use of refurbished medical devices.  A number of factors contribute to this trend; few, if any, are more important than cost and reliability.

Purchase Cost:  Used vs New

It is almost always significantly less expensive to buy used equipment.  When making purchasing decisions hospitals must consider the initial purchase price along with the cost of maintaining, running, and any needed additional training expenses.  New equipment can be more expensive to maintain due to a limited availability of machine service providers, thus increasing the cost of routine maintenance.  In addition, your staff may need specialized training to operate the new systems.

Reliability is a Determining Factor

When purchasing refurbished, hospitals are able to select equipment they are familiar with.  In addition, they are getting a proven device which has been completely restored, ensuring it is able to perform its functions at the highest standards possible.  Professionally refurbished medical equipment that comes with a warranty from a trusted provider has proven to be very reliable.       Please Contact us today via phone or email any questions or quote request and one of our representatives will be happy to help. We thank you for your consideration.