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The History Of Heartland Medical

Serving Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Clinics, and Practices Since 1998

In August of 1998, Heartland Medical Sales & Services was established by six partners who were expert anesthesia techs. At the start of the undertaking, the team worked without pay for six months. Yet the founders knew if they were patient and diligent,  their hard work would eventually pay off.  Their business model was seemingly simple: to provide competent, reliable service and repair of anesthesia machines in hospitals and other facilities. Heartland Medical began as a company that was largely a medical equipment service provider. 

Hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities began to know and trust Heartland Medical as a reliable, honest and knowledgeable source for their equipment services. These biomed techs were so often asked by their customers about which equipment was reliable to purchase, that they made the natural progression to refurbish and sell that equipment. As their knowledge grew, so did the product line.

Heartland Medical has continued to flourish over the last 17 years and has plans to continue to grow and expand in the years ahead.   Heartland Medical has been and plans on continuing to be a family-owned-and-operated company with integrity and good character at its core. Through it all, Heartland Medical’s core principle has remained the same:  A devotion to providing quality operating room equipment at an excellent price and a commitment to exceptional service by a team of expert medical equipment technicians. Heartland strives to continually serve the medical industry with reliable, advanced medical sales and services at the most competitive prices.

Today, our equipment capabilities range from single replacement devices to the complete outfitting of surgery centers and other medical facilities.

At the heart of things, we remain a service company. We aren’t the largest but we may be the best. We have factory-trained field technicians strategically placed to provide our contract customers with 24/7/365 service and up-time guarantees.

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