Should I buy New or Used Surgical Lights

Surgical Lights: Purchase New or Refurbished?

Where to purchase new and used medical equipment nationwide


When purchasing medical equipment for a new surgery center or an established hospital, several variables come to mind in terms of evaluating what operating room lights to buy.

Size, name brand, lux and ease of use are all qualities to consider when deciding on O.R. lights, but probably the most urgent question in the minds of the prospective buyers is:  Are new surgical lights better than refurbished surgical lighting?

It’s an age-old question that can apply to anything from wine to cars and can certainly be applied to O.R. lights, as well.

Is new better?

In terms of wine, we can say that older, or as they say in the wine industry, aged wine is always the better choice.  The same goes for most cheeses.

And when it comes to cars, some may say that a used car is a better value since the depreciation has already been absorbed by whoever purchased the vehicle new. The lower cost can also be a major consideration.

Others may prefer a new car, and the knowledge all upkeep and maintenance starts with them from day one.

The buyers choice depends largely on budget, preference and practicality.  If you are planning a cross-country trip with your family, a used vehicle with high mileage may not be a wise choice.


Is There A Significant Difference?

When it comes to something as critical as surgery lights, is there any significant difference between old and new?  Many would argue yes, because by purchasing brand new, never-before-used surgery lights, you are guaranteed to be the first to operate the equipment. On the other hand there is no guarantee the equipment will operate flawlessly, easily or to your liking.

New lights mean new technology and possibly lighting you’re not accustomed to.  It means familiarizing oneself with new equipment and mastering that new equipment before the first surgery is to take place.

Learning the new lights might be effortless and comfortable for some, but for a seasoned surgeon who has been working under the same set of lights since 1989, purchasing like-new lights that he or she is familiar with might be a preferable and more practical choice.

So, how do you decide if new lights are preferable to refurbished?

The answer is subjective.  The surgeon must first decide if he or she is prepared to pay for the new lights versus a refurbished set.  If he or she is financially structured for new equipment the choice rests on the surgeon’s contentment with the lights that he or she has used in the past- does he or she want to learn the new equipment or stick with what he or she is accustomed to?

Once a medical professional has decided on quality, affordable operating room lights – whether they are new or pre-owned- he can find them at Heartland Medical.


Heartland Medical Has You Covered

Heartland Medical has everything to outfit an operating room and can even help you determine what equipment will best suit your needs as well as the needs of your facility and your patients.

Give Heartland Medical a call today and let us help you find the perfect medical equipment for your operating room needs. 855-467-5580


  • Braden Bills says:

    It makes sense that you would want to get good surgical lights. If you can’t afford new, you should at least buy refurbished! You wouldn’t want to have to worry about anything going wrong with them, after all.

  • I agree, Braden. This article talks a lot about preference. But, in many cases, refurbished lights will deliver powerful, reliable results for years at a significantly lower purchase cost.

    And, “refurbished” isn’t the same thing as buying “used.”
    Heartland Medical Sales & Services stands behind their refurbished equipment.

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