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StarTrol LED Medical Lighting Joins Heartland Medical Lineup

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Heartland Medical is pleased to announce an agreement to represent StarTrol LED Medical Lighting. Heartland Medical is excited to now offer the Startrol lineup of medical equipment to our surgical lighting product customers.

Based in in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, StarTrol LED Medical Lighting systems are engineered and manufactured for medical professionals who seek to provide an optimal examination room or surgical setting. The technology in StarTrol products allows for cooler, more energy efficient lighting in any environment. StarTrol lights are unique, practical and cost efficient.

The LEDs in the light head are designed to operate for over 10 years without replacement.

Where to buy Startrol Medical Lighting

StarTrol 2×3 Wall Mounted Examination Light

The StarTrol LED light source generates minimal heat, enabling comfort at the examination site. Another benefit of this lighting source is it emits virtually none of the ultraviolet or infrared light produced by traditional halogen lighting systems. The nearly complete elimination of radiation minimizes the risk of exposed wound tissue being dried or burnt, making a safer work environment for both examiner and patient.

A touch-pad interface which features no moving parts is standard on 4 pod and 9 pod series of lights. Each surgical/exam lighting unit is manufactured with a powder coated aluminum finish, making cleaning, sanitation and maintenance easier.

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Galaxy Series Minor Surgery and Examination Light

In today’s surgery centers, operating rooms and even exam rooms, a clinician relies heavily on proper illumination. Being able to work with a light that gives the clinician a great range of view while also staying cool is a significant benefit.

The StarTrol brand lineup comes in a wide variety of different sizes and configurations, and is available on a mobile stand or can be mounted to the ceiling or wall to accommodate your requirements.

Many of the StarTrol lights feature an adjustable light intensity, giving the clinician the ability to create an ideal working environment no matter what the procedure is.

Heartland Medical carries a large selection of StarTrol lights to choose from.


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