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Zimmer ATS 4000 Automatic Tourniquet System

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With its Personalized Pressure Technology, the Zimmer ATS 4000 is designed to calculate and apply the minimum amount of tourniquet pressure to the patient needed to occlude a limb.  The Limb Occlusion Pressure (L.O.P.) eliminates the static tourniquet pressure of 300-350 and is effective at reducing the tourniquet pressure on a patient.  This advancement significantly reduces complications associated with tourniquet use.

With the Zimmer ATS 4000 Automatic Tourniquet System, the risk of leaving pressure in a tourniquet cuff is decreased dramatically with the Line Occlusion Detection Technology. This feature helps identify a line occlusion between the machine and the cuff.  Another great feature is the Cuff Alert Technology which doesn’t allow the unit to be set to STANDBY with pressure in the tourniquet cuff.

Because improper deflations have resulted in serious injuries or even death, the Zimmer ATS 4000 prevents accidental dual cuff release with the Automatic IVRA Cuff Lock Out which prompts the user to confirm the intent to deflate the second cuff.

The Lead Detection Technology monitors the cuff for potential cuff/hose leaks and reports any minor variations.

The Pre-Op Cuff Test ensures proper function at the patient’s bedside pre-operatively.

Because lower tourniquet cuff pressure reduces post-operative wound complications, the Personalized Pressure Technology of the Zimmer ATS 4000 helps surgeons choose a more specific, often lower, cuff pressure.  Lowering of the tourniquet pressure has also been found to result in less post-operative pain.



•Personalized Pressure Technology

•8,4″ Color Display

•Limb Occlusion Pressure (L.O.P.)

•Dual Port

•Dual Cuff

•Table or Pole Mount

•Compliant with International Alarm Standard 60601-1-8

•Lithium Ion Battery (6 hours)

•Table or Pole Mount

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