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Vetland V1407, V1410, and V1412 Veterinary Patient Monitors


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The V1400 Series Multi-Parameter Veterinary Patient Monitor is the most innovative, versatile and accurate monitor on the veterinary market today!

The V1400-Series Monitors feature Sun Tech NIBP and Masimo SpO2 technology – the recognized leaders in their respective fields.

The Vetland V1407, V1410 & V1412 multi-parameter veterinary patient monitors for critical care are the most intuitive, versatile and accurate monitors on the veterinary market toady.

The compact design and high resolution display make them easy to use and understand.  ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Resp, 2 Temp and 2IBP configurations come standard with these monitors.


V1407-BASE Vetland V1407
[includes ECG, SpO2,NIBP, Temp & RR]
V1407-OPT-1IBP Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring
V1407-OPT-TOUC Touch Screen V1407-OPT-VGA VGA Output
V1407-OPT-CO2S Sidestream V1407-ESRT Vetland V1407 STD-2
[ECG, SpO2, RR & Temp only]
V1407-OPT-CO2M Mainstream V1407-SNT Vetland V1407 STD-3
[SpO2, NIBP, Temp only]
V1407-OPT-PRIN Printer V1407-SN Vetland V1407 STD-4
[SpO2 & NIBP only]
V-OPT-CART Rolling Stand Mount V1407-C Vetland V1407-E
[CO2 only]
V1407-OPT-WALL Wall Mount V1412-OPT-MAN Operator’s Manual
V1407-OPT-TEMP Temperature    
V1407-OPT-IBP Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring    


V1410-BASE Vetland V1410
[includes ECG, SpO2, NIBP, 2Temp, 2IBP & RR]
V1410-OPT-TOUC Touch Screen
V1410-OPT-CO2S Sidestream
V1410-CO2M Mainstream
V1410-OPT-PRIN Printer
V-OPT-CART Rolling Stand Mount
V1410-OPT-WALL Wall Mount
V1410-OPT-VGA VGA Output
V1412-OPT-MAN Operator’s Manual


V1412-BASE Vetland V1412
[includes ECG, SpO2, NIBP, RR, 2Temp & 2IBP]
V1412-OPT-TOUC Touch Screen
V1412-OPT-CO2S Sidestream
V1412-OPT-CO2M Mainstream
V1412-OPT-PRIN Printer
V1412-OPT-CART Rolling Stand Mount
V1412-OPT-WALL Wall Mount
V1412-OPT-VGA VGA Output
V1412-OPT-MAN Operator’s Manual
V-OPT-MGAS Multigas Option
VA-9900-9000-00 Battery for V1410/V1412


V1400 Series Standard Features

  • Veterinary specific algorithms
  • Parameters Measured:
    • ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Resp, 2-Temp, 2-IBP
  • ECG-3 lead with 5 filtering modes & 4 sweep rates
  • 13 arrhythmia analysis
  • 7 days tabular & graphic trend data storage
  • AC or long li-ion battery operation
  • LAN & wireless LAN connection to central station
  • PaseIn’s multi-gas mainstream (IRMA AX+), sidestream (ISA AX+, OR+)

What Makes the V1400 Series Monitors Great?

  • Portable, compact design
  • Intuitive 7″, 10″ or 12″ high resolution display with maximum 10 waveforms
  • Validated industry’s best NIBP technology and SpO2 technology from Sun Tech and Masimo
  • Optional EtCO2 module from Respironics
  • Optional touch screen
  • Easy software upgradability

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