Vetland CapnoTrue MG

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Veterinary Handheld Multi-Gas Monitor

CapnoTrue Features:

  • Innovative, micro-optic technology
  • Direct mainstream measurement without time delay
  • Compact, robust, and ultra-light multi-gas analyzer
  • Warm-up time: <20 seconds full specification
  • Maintenance and calibration-free technology
  • Self-explanatory, ergonomic operating functions facilitate intuitive operation
  • The color information display, as well as the simple information structure, support quick decisions and a rapid user-reaction in critical situations
  • Leading-edge power management with standard alkaline batteries or Li-Poly batteries or medical power supply (or combined)
  • Up to 18 language versions available
V14MG Vetland Handheld SpO2/CO2 & Multi-Gas Anesthetic Monitor

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