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The Silent Sentry – Medical Backup Power Systems

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Power system emergency medical Silent Sentry is designed to perfectly fit the needs of a surgery room build out in your own office. The Silent Sentry is sized to accommodate the requirements of mission critical equipment needed to maintain patient safety if a power failure were to occur during a surgical procedure.

Systems Sentry Silent are 14 ” inches wide so they can be embedded between two standard 16 ” wall studs on center to occupy virtually no space on the floor that allows the system to be installed in almost any place – in the floor plan of the office. Silent Sentry branch circuit protector eliminates the need to install a subpanel of critical circuits . the system is installed in the power line between Dashboard and outs of critical load in the operating room and recovery areas . the utility power is routed through the system and is also used to charge the storage batteries. in case of a power outage your integrated transfer switch instantly changes the energy of the power network so that the battery power to the critical load without interruption. After the restoration of the public system automatically restores energy and recharges the batteries. modular compartments Silent Sentry batteries allow you to easily adapted to meet the needs of the centers of major and minor surgery.

  • Conservative Space Design
  • Hardwired systems
  • Mobile – Plug & Play System
  • silent
  • No fuel needed
  • Designed for medical needs
  • No problem for Panel
  • It can be installed anywhere
  • Designed to be customized
  • Architecturally -Friendly

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The Silent Sentry