Tranquility – Medical Backup Power System

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The emergency power system Reassurance designed for medical use. It is an economical solution for a center or laboratory or in any mission critical equipment is being used in the existing surgery office. The foot, mobile design is a simple solution to provide a site surgery backup power but the system is large enough to accommodate the energy required . The stainless steel cabinet Reassurance lets you stay in the operating room and also makes for easy cleaning . Its modular cabinet design can be adapted to meet the requirements of variable power . As these systems are plug and play reinsurance that requires no installation , simply roll in and plug it in. Its mobility allows you to move from one room to another or even move with you in the future.

accreditation Compliant

  • Mobile – Plug & Play installation requires no
  • silent
  • No fuel needed
  • Designed for medical applications
  • Designed to be customized
  • Stainless Steel – “O Compliant”

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