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Sunnex SX800LSK OR Table

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Sunnex SX800 LSK


Sunnex SX800LSK Refurbished OR Table Can Be Rented or Purchased

SX800 Series Surgical Table

The SX800 series set a precedent with the attainment of an innovative compact design while maintaining sufficient clinical versatility.

This medical equipment can be employed in surgical procedures in virtually every specialty, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology.

Designed to simplify patient positioning, SX800 also features a remarkably sturdy and low-profile base. These features enable surgeon comfort and lessens fatigue during lengthy procedures.

The ergonomic and backlit hand pendant makes operation more convenient during endoscopic surgery.

Other benefits to be found in utilizing this equipment include unparalleled C-arm access, self diagnosis with instant error code display, and the prevention of sectional conflict.

In addition to the sturdy, rust-free components, the SX800 also is engineered with several fail-safe functions to ensure its continuous operation.

Features Include:

  • Self Diagnose with Instant Error Code Display
  • Saftey Clark Socket
  • Override System
  • Built-in X-ray Cassette Channels
  • 800 lb (362 kg) Weight Rating
  • Pressure Relief Mattresses
  • USB Port
  • Floor Locks
  • 12.2” Longitudinal Slide
  • Kidney Elevator
  • Interchange of Head Section and Leg Sections
  • Detachable Split or Solid Section
  • Hand Pendant (shown at right)

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Surgical Table