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Stryker Advantage Stretchers

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The flexible design of the Stryker Advantage Stretchers comes with 26″ or 29″ patient surface that can be configured to best suit the patients’ and clinicians’ needs. The steel-ring brakes and optional four-sided brake controls ensure a firmly-locked working surface while optional accessible four-sided brake controls are available for all but the BIG WHEEL model.   The standard locking caster steering makes for better traction and cornering making this stretcher easy to maneuver.

Standard Features: 

  • 3″ (8cm) mattress
  • 8″ (20cm) Omni Surface™casters
  • 26″ (66cm) or 29″ (73cm) wide patient surface
  • Dual pedestal hydraulics
  • Dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics
  • Fiberesin backrest/steel foot-end litter
  • Fold-down side rails (models 1009, 1509 only)
  • Glideaway™ siderails (models 1001, 1501 only)
  • Four IV receptacles
  • Four-wheel, steel ring ring brakes with dual-end activators
  • Integrated storage tray with oxygen bottle holder
  • Locking caster steering
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Unilower pedal

Optional Features:

  • 3″ (8cm) or 4″ (10cm) Enhanced Comfort Mattress
  • 4″ (10cm) mattress
  • Crank backrest
  • Crank knee gatch
  • Constant descent hydraulics
  • Defibrillator tray
  • Defibrillator tray/extender/footboard
  • Dual end-mounted foot control hydraulics
  • Dual-end side rail latch (models 1001, 1501 only)
  • Dual lowering pedals
  • Fold or glide-to-foot side rails
  • Footboard
  • Footboard/chart holder
  • Four-sided brake & steer pedals
  • Backrest x-ray cassette holder
  • Heel stirrups
  • IV caddy
  • Lateral C-spine cassette film holder
  • Patient restraints
  • Pop-up push handles
  • Push bar/headboard/writing surface (models 1001, 1501 only)
  • Removable push bar
  • Retractable fifth-wheel steering
  • Serving/instrument tray
  • Side rail pads
  • Upright oxygen bottle holder
  • Wheel covers
  • IV poles



Overall Length 

1001————————————————————————————–83in. (211cm)

1009————————————————————————————-84in. (213cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-83in. (211cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-84in. (213cm)

Overall Width 

Siderails UP

1001————————————————————————————–31.5in. (80cm)

1009————————————————————————————-31.5in. (80cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————34.5in. (88cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————34.5in. (88cm)

Siderails DOWN

1001————————————————————————————–30in. (76cm)

1009————————————————————————————-31.5in. (81cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-30.5in. (78cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-34.5in. (88cm)

Weight Capacity 

1001————————————————————————————–500 lbs (228kg)

1009————————————————————————————-500 lbs (228kg)

1501 ————————————————————————————-500 lbs (228kg)

1509 ————————————————————————————-500 lbs (228kg)

Height Range


1001————————————————————————————–35.5in. (90cm)

1009————————————————————————————-35.5in. (90cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-35.5in. (90cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-35.5in (90cm)


1001————————————————————————————–22in. (56cm)

1009————————————————————————————-22in. (56cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-22in. (56cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-22in (56cm)

Litter Positioning




1501 ————————————————————————————-0°-90°

1509 ————————————————————————————-0°-90°

Knee Gatch



1501 ————————————————————————————-0°-30°

1509 ————————————————————————————-0°-30°

Trend./Reverse Trend.



1501 ————————————————————————————-±18°

1509 ————————————————————————————-±18°


Patient Surface

1001————————————————————————————–26in. x 76in. (66cm x 193cm)

1009————————————————————————————-26in. x 76in. (66cm x 193cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-29in. x 76in. (74cm x 193cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-29in. x 76in. (74cm x 193cm)

Side Rails

1001————————————————————————————-14in. x 54in. (36cm x 137cm)

1009————————————————————————————-13in. x 55in. (33cm x 140cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-14in. x 54in. (36cm x 137cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-13in. x 55in. (33cm x 140cm)

Caster Diameter

1001————————————————————————————–8in. (20cm)

1009————————————————————————————-8in. (20cm)

1501 ————————————————————————————-8in. (20cm)

1509 ————————————————————————————-8in. (20cm)


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