Steris Eagle 3000 Series Sterilizer

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The Steris Eagle 3000 Series Sterilizer is a medium sized autoclave for use in hospitals or laboratories.  The Steris Eagle 3000 utilizes a innovative microcomputer control system to setup, control and monitor system operations. 


For sterilizing liquids, in flasks with vented closures, at 212˚ to 254˚F (100˚ to 122˚C), and also heat and moisture stable goods at 212˚ to 280˚F (100˚ to 138˚C).


For efficient, high-volume processing of heat-and moisture-stable materials, such as fabrics, wrapped hard goods, glassware or animal bedding at 270˚ to 280˚F (132˚ – 138˚C) through prevacuum cycle. Prevacuum also provides gravity-type cycles.