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Steris 3080R Surgical Table

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Purchase or Rent Steris 3080R Refurbished Surgical Table

The surgical table is an extremely important piece of equipment in an operating room for both the surgeon and the patient.  For the surgeon to work comfortably and easily on the patient, a surgical table must be at an optimal height for standing or sitting.  The surgeon or clinicians must also be able to easily and smoothly adjust the table to meet the surgeon’s needs.  For the patient, a surgical table that is comfortable and pleasant can make a big difference in the recovery room.

Advances in technology have allowed for manufacturers to create surgical tables that are comfortable to the patient and easy-to-use for the surgeon.  Today, adjusting a surgical table with a cordless, remote control is effortless and smooth.  The Steris 3080R surgical table is a great example of simplicity paired with comfort – resulting in an impressive operating room table.

The Steris 3080R operating room and surgical table user-friendly, featuring a 76 x 20 inch table top reaching a maximum and minimum height range of 27 inches. The Steris 3080R is designed to reduce physical strain on the surgeon while giving the patient enhanced comfort and care. The hydraulics of the Steris 3080R surgical table provide reliable, smooth operation.

Standard Features: 

  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend. —————-±25
  • Lateral Tilt ——————————————–18°
  • Weight Capacity————————————-600 lbs


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