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Quantum Rad-X General Radiographic System


Tubestand- QS-508 and QS-510

•Floor/Ceiling design with either 8′ or 10′ tracks (floor/wall mounting available with QS-4w option)

•Operation control handigrip includes: multi-function, fingergrip controls for all tube stand movement (vertical, horizontal and angulation)

-“All-Locks” release switch

-Source-to-image distance indicators (LED type)

-Easy to read angulation display for tube rotation

•Integral system counterbalancing

•Electromagnetic locks for horizontal and angulation movements

•Tube angulation of +/-135° with detents at +/-90° and 0°

•Fail-safe electromagnetic vertical braking system

•Optional transverse tube arm assembly (QS-50T)

•Optional rotational column base assembly +/-180° (QS-50R)


Verti-Q vertical wall stand: QW-420

•Exclusive EZ-Glide hand control for vertical travel

-Low absorption front cover with centering line and cassette indicators

-Patient chin rest

•Integrated system counterbalancing

•Vertical travel: 60.5″ (154 cm)

•Minimum floor-to-focus distance of 13.75″ (35cm)

•Fail-safe electromagnetic vertical barking system

•Accepts cassette sizes of up to 14″ x 17″ (35 x 43 cm)

•Optional 8″ extension bracket (QW-EX8)



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