Penlon Prima 451 MRI

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The Penlon Prima 451 is a streamlined anesthesia system designed specifically for use in an MRI environment.  With innovative patient support systems, it has been developed to be used with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners.
Electronic touch display ventilator.  Compact footprint, and optimum maneuverability. Total system compatibility.


  • Six ventilation modes
  • Individual assistance for spontaneous breathing
  • Auxiliary oxygen flowmeter (option)
  • Sigma Delta vaporizer with four agent options, two filler block options, and interlock options
  • Large work surface
  • Enclosed structure — no concealed storage regions promotes MRI-safe operation
  • Lockable castors – assists stability
  • GCX™ compatible aluminium uprights for secure attachment and accessory mounting
  • Integrated CO₂ absorber using ventilator port

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Production Status

Current Production Model

Flow Control


Modes of Ventilation Available

PCV, PSV, SIMV, SIMV/PS, Spontaneous, VCV



Monitoring Options Available

Color Display, VPO



Equipment Type

Anesthesia Machine