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Metro Lifeline Emergency Cart

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Metro Lifeline emergency cart is certified to proper operating specifications.

Metro’s family of Lifeline Emergency carts were designed for a code not adapted for one. Designed and field tested by emergency personnel to provide not only storage and transport, but a total emergency workstation that meets the most stringent standards.

Metro Lifeline emergency cart features:

•  Grab and go steering/caster system assures positive control of cart.

•  Casters convert to full swivel at code site for perfect positioning.

• With the flip of the security latch, everything is unlocked and ready.

• Crash cart design allows simultaneous access by multiple code team members.

• Recessed storage are with retractable cover for quick retrieval of first-line medications.

• Defibrillator swing arm unlocks and swings 90 degrees away from cart top, then rotates 180 degrees.

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Metro Lifeline

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