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Mac Medical PTF-1000 Stretcher

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Introducing Mac Medical’s PTF-1ooo 5th wheel, 750 pound capacity transport stretcher.  The PTF-1000 has a reliable, retractible 5th wheel for straight-line mobility and precise, effortless pivoting and cornering.


  • Dual fowler assisted lift back rest with 90° of adjustability
  • Large storage area for patient belongings
  • Six I.V. pole configurations
  • Trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg ±18° six brake/steer pedal locations
  • Ergonomically located O₂ tank holder

Standard Features: 

  • Retractable fifth wheel provides effortless directional movement and cornering
  • 750 lb weight capacity
  • O₂ storage under bed platform for better ergonomics.  No bending over
  • Easily store and organize fleets in tight spaces with 4 swiveling wheels
  • Dual Cylinder Fowler lift assists on raised back rest
  • 8″ Tente total locking casters
  • 6 Brake/steer pedals
  • Dual pedestal lift mechanism
  • Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg ±18°
  • Lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides
  • Fold forward side rails with built-in push handle
  • 4″ standard mattress
  • 2 hook removable telescopic I.V. pole
  • 6 I.V. pole sockets located on all corners
  • Large storage area underneath for patient items
  • Full perimeter bumper to protect your walls and fixtures
  • 4 restraint belt locations

Optional Features:

  • Fold down push handles
  • Manual knee gatch
  • Manual Fowler

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