Mac Medical PT2000-EYE

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Standard Features:

  • β€œNEW” quick adjustment dual articulating head attachment
  • Low profile for surgeons leg room
  • 8” Tente total/directional locking casters
  • Brake steer pedals all 4 corners
  • Manual Fowler assist
  • Manual knee gatch
  • Dual pedestal lift mechanism
  • Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg
  • Lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides
  • Fold forward side rails with built In push handles
  • 4” standard mattress
  • 2 hook removable telescopic I.V. pole
  • I.V. pole sockets at all corners
  • O2 storage underneath

Max Capacity: 550 pounds

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Mac Medical

Equipment Type

Hospital Stretcher