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Used Leica Microsystems Stereo Microscopes For Sale or Rent

Use Leica stereo microscopes in industry, research, laboratories or educational institutions – wherever you view, examine and document your specimens in three dimensions.

Stereo microscopes for different applications
Different applications make different demands of a stereo microscope. These stereo microscopes provide a customized solution for any application imaginable.

Ergonomics boosts your productivity and cuts costs
These stereo microscopes adapt to their users, not the other way around. Invest in ergonomical workstations for fatigue-free work and greater productivity.

Leica Macroscopes are among the most precise on the market. They are used for a wide variety of applications in industry, medicine and research.

Macroscopes with top-level operational convenience
Leica Macroscopes, with apochromatic 16:1 zoom, offer not only exceptional optics but also top-level operational convenience.

Thanks to the unique modularity of these automated macroscopes, you can adapt the instrument to your individual needs and routines.

The Best of Both Worlds
The first macroscope with fluorescence technology. This innovation brings you excellent results: maximum field depth and color fidelity guarantee superlative imaging precision.

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