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Leica Microsystems Digital Microscopes

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Used Leica Microsystems Digital Microscopes For Sale or Rent

Portable Digital Microscopes for fast, quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurements
The new generation of Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems opens new horizons in mobility and speed to support R&D and Quality Control. Our Microscopes combine high end optics with innovative digital technology for macroscopic and microscopic imaging.

Digital technologies for fast non destructive inspections
The highly ergonomic image display and the workflow optimized software allow a quick and faster than ever inspection with supreme results. With the compact zoom optics, users can easily reach  extreme difficult-to-access surfaces for non-destructive testing.

The highlights of the Leica Digital Microscopes Line at a glance

  • Leica Digital Microscopes speed up documentation, analysis and reporting
  • Dynamic imaging for perfect results, instantly
  • Quantitative 2D and 3D imaging made fast and easy
  • Gain new insights from the sample by 360° rotating view
  • Coding of zoom optics for high repeatability of measurements
  • A comprehensive range of Digital Microscopes, including a portable version

Leica Digital Microscopes do feature outstanding, high-quality optics and also offer a wide variety of quantitative analysis options – whether 2D analyses or advanced 3D surface measurements.

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Surgical & Laboratory Microscopes