Harmony Electronic Small Animal Anesthesia System

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The Harmony 5 is our Electronic Veterinary Anesthesia System with Built-In Patient Monitoring.  It is the newest member of Vetland Medical’s anesthesia family.  The Harmony 5 has all the same great features as the EX3000, with the added convenience of having optional pulse oximetry and carbon dioxide monitoring built right in!

The cutting-edge technology within the Harmony 5 makes it the safest, most accurate, and most reliable system in the world!

Top 5 Things that Lead to Accident & Injury:

  1. Excessive Pressure to the Lungs
  2. Excessive Anesthetic Agent
  3. Lack of Oxygen to the Brain
  4. Lack of CO2 Removal
  5. Foreign Matter Entering the Airway

The Harmony 5 monitors clinical scenarios and alerts users BEFORE they become emergencies

Harmony 5 Standard Features

  • Color touch-screen display
  • Key or funnel fill vaporizer ports
  • Heat & moisture conserving coaxial absorber
  • Delux Safe™ APL pop-off valve with thumb occlusion
  • High quality, FDA-approved-type valves
  • Quick disconnect fresh gas outlet for non-rebreathing applications
  • Mayo tray
  • 5-leg base with lifetime caster replacement
  • Alarm silence
  • Accessory Kit
    • Accessory kit includes: Adult F Breathing Circuit, Modified Jackson Rees Non-Rebreathing Circuit, 1 Bag of EcoSorb, 2-Liter Breathing Bag, 3-Liter Breathing Bag, Operator’s Manual

What Makes the Harmony 5 Great?

  • Optional Built-In Pulse Oximetry
  • Optional Built-In CO2 Monitoring
  • Audible safety alarms
  • Neat, balanced, compact design
  • High accuracy dual-drug delivery (Iso/Sevo)
  • Continuous self-testing verifies proper function
  • Time/date & case clock
  • User-adjustable parameters
  • Alarms/configuration communications window
  • 1030cc absorber with less trapped volume, less chance of “channeling” & quicker anesthetic adjustments
  • Back cover to protect all tubing connections
  • Corrosion-proof construction
  • 24 x 7 x 365 technical support 
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • 1-Year Warranty
Conduct an Anesthesia System Pressure Test

Anesthesia 101 Training

Harmony 5 ALARMS

  Audible Breath  ON/OFF
  Apnea Breath Volume 10-100
(intervals of 10)
  Apnea Alarm ON/OFF
  Apnea Alarm Elapsed Time 50 – 30 seconds
(intervals of 5 sec.)
  High-Pressure Alarm 10-60
(intervals of 1)
  Continuing Pressure  10-60
(intervals of 1)
  Isoflurane Medium Concentration 0% – 5%
(intervals of .10%)
  Isoflurane Medium Time 0 -10
(intervals of 1 min.)
  Isoflurane High Concentration 0% – 5%
(intervals of .10%)
  Isoflurane High Time  0 – 10 min
(intervals of 1 min.)
  Sevoflurane Medium Concentration 0% – 8%
(intervals of .10%)
  Sevoflurane Medium time 0 – 10 min.
(intervals of 1 min.)
  Sevoflurane High Concentration 0% – 8%
(intervals of . 10%)
  Sevoflurane High Time  0 -10 min.
(intervals of 1 min.)

With SpO2 Pulse (high/low)
Saturation (high/low)
With CO2 EtCO2 (high/low)
Respiration (high/low)

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