Evak Multi-Station Power Scavenger

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Evak Multi-Station Power Scavenger

Evak Multi-Station Power Scavenger attaches to 1  7/8 to 2 inch poles.  19mm inlet and outlet connectors.  This system has an open air design and is vented to atmosphere so there is no positive or negative pressure back to the patient.  The Evak Multi-Station Power Scavenger receives waste gas from anesthesia machine pop off valve via 19mm tubing in the inlet.  The blower then pushes the waste gas through the 19mm outlet and outdoors via the exhaust 19mm tubing.


  • Green power LED
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 110 VAC – Fuse protected
  • Moves up to 75 LPM to waste gas volume
  • Central System
  • Up to 18 rooms
  • Durable
580-1800 E-VAK Multi-Station Unit

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