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Economy PVC Clear Cuffed Endotrachael Tubes


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Economy PVC Clear Cuffed Endotrachael Tubes

569-3030 Size 3.0mm x 15cm
569-3035 Size 3.5mm x 16cm
569-3040 Size 4.0mm x 19cm
569-3045 Size 4.5mm x 20cm
569-3050 Size 5.0mm x 23cm
569-3055 Size 5.5mm x 26cm
569-3060 Size 6.0mm x 26cm
569-3065 Size 6.5mm x 28cm
569-3070 Size 7.0mm x 28cm
569-3075 Size 7.5mm x 30cm
569-3080 Size 8.0mm x 30cm
569-3085 Size 8.5mm x 30cm
569-3090 Size 9.0mm x 31cm
569-3095 Size 9.5mm x 31cm
569-3100 Size 10mm x 31cm


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