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Drager Narkomed 6000 Series

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Refurbished Drager Narkomed 6000 Series Anesthesia Machine For Sale

6000, 6100 and 6400 models available.

The Drager Narkomed 6000 series machines were rolled out in 1998 and were the first models developed in cooperation between Drager Germany and North American Drager in Telford, PA.  The Narkomed 6000 series employs the German designed Divan ventilator positioned below the table top piston ventilator.  The ventilator controls feature soft key LED numerics including a trim knob positioned under the table top.  The Divan vent includes Volume, Pressure and SIMV modes of operation.  The aluminum encased heated compact breathing system represents enhanced performance when compared to prior models.  The Drager Narkomed 6000 series is designed with a color touch display screen for all ventilator parameters including built in gas analysis.  An IPM module option is available which adds multi parameter patient monitoring.  The vaporizers are found on the left side of the machine with two positioning options.  The equipment includes one drawer and a built in auxiliary oxygen flow meter.  


  • Flowmeters: traditional mechanical/pneumatic (needle valves and glass flow tubes)
  • Minimum oxygen flow 150 mL/min. Pneumatic ORC (oxygen ratio controller) for hypoxic guard.  
  • Breathing circuit: The absorber head is warmed, and the breathing circuit is lower volume (1.5 L absorbent volume). Only loose carbon dioxide absorbent granules may be used. The machine is not compatible with non-rebreathing circuits.  
  • Electrical power failure: 30 minute battery reserve with fresh gas, vaporizers, monitors and ventilator operational.   

Other Features
• Built-in color touch screen displays volume, pressure, agent, CO2 and oxygen digital readings, waveforms and trends
• Agilent M1041A module rack equipped with ECG, SpO2/Pleth, NIBP and recorder modules
• Agilent M1046B monitoring system (anesthesia function box)
• National Display Systems model VF-X15-16 color monitor for display of pulse, pressures, oxygenation digital readings and ECG, NIBP and SpO2 waveforms
• Agilent M1106C remote monitor keypad control
• Electronically driven piston tidal volume delivery system instead of bellows
• Traditional style needle valve flowmeters
• Ventilation control panel with pressure, volume and SIMV ventilation modes and digital display of tidal volume, rate and calculations
• Compatible with Drager Vapor 2000 vaporizers (for halothane, enflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane)
• Two positions for vaporizer connections; an isoflurane vaporizer is installed in one position
• Back of unit has gas cylinder yokes for oxygen, air and nitrous oxide, gas delivery tubing included
• Can use pipeline supply at 50 psi
• Oxygen and flow sensors
• Sensor interface panel
• I/O communication panel on back of machine
• Front locking casters
• 15-foot heavy duty power cord with hospital grade plug
• Ventilator tubing holder swivel arm on left side
• Ventilation control panel
• Vaporizer connections
and flowmeters
• Gas gauges and O2 sensor
• Flow sensor and interface panel
• Module rack with ECG, SpO2 and NIBP
• Agilent model 1046b monitoring system
• View of back of unit tank yokes and gas hoses
• I/o ports
• Supply drawer and manual
• Main screen with trends
• Data log
• Agilent m1106c remote keypad
• Monitor setup menu
• Airway pressure setup
• Airway pressure alarms
• Agent setup
• Agent alarms
• Oxygen alarms
• Pressure gauge
• Alarm limit setup
• Alarm log
• Trace setup
• Ventilator compliance tests
• About system software
• Display setup menu
• Trends/calcs menu
• Oxygenation calculations

• Width: 48 in.
• Depth: 32
• Height: 70
• Shipping weight is about 550 pounds each

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