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Drager Narkomed 2B

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Refurbished Drager Narkomed 2B Anesthesia Machine For Sale

The Drager Narkomed 2B is among the medical equipment provider’s longest running and most reliable model lines.  The Narkomed 2B features O2 and N2O standard with optional medical air and accommodates 3 vaporizers.  An AVE ventilator with F-Style ascending bellows is standard with oxygen, volume & pressure monitoring.  Drawer pack configurations may vary from the unit pictured.


  • 19.1 and 19.3 vaporizers available (ORM standard; ORMC optional)
  • Ventilator options: Pneumatic or electronic, ascending or descending bellows
  • Oxygen monitor and CO2 absorber standard
  • AVE Electronic ventilator
  • Absorber and scavenger
  • Oxygen analyzer
  • Breathing pressure monitor
  • Respiratory volume
  • Centralized alarm and data
  • Oxygen ratio controller
  • Pressure limit controller



  • Maximum Height:  68″ (173cm)
  • Maximum Width:  40″  (102cm)
  • Maximum Depth:  25″ (63.5cm)
  • Table-top Height:  34″  (86cm)
  • Table-top Area:  271 in. sq.  (1,749cm2)
  • Shelf Area:  200 in. sq.  (1,290cm2)
  • Drawer DimensionsNominal Weight:  325 lb.  (147kg)
    • Large:  14″x21″x7″  (36x52x18cm)
    • Small:  14″x17″x3″   (36x43x8cm)

Electrical Conductivity:

The Narkomed 2B Anesthesia System is designed and manufactured with conductive casters.  Each anesthesia machine is individually quality control tested for electrical conductivity between one caster as a reference point and the table-top, shelf-top and inspiratory valve, alternately, as the end reference point.  The specified allowable resistance between two of the points selected is 250,000 ohm.

Gas Delivery System Information:

Standard Gases:  The Narkomed 2B is engineered with pneumatic circuitry delivering oxygen (o2) and nitrous oxide (N2O).  It features at least one nitrous oxide and one oxygen yoke to accommodate reserve gas cylinders with valves of the flush type .  The Pin Index Safety System is designed to prohibit connection of an incorrect cylinder.

Option Gases:  The Narkomed 2B may be equipped with up to two additional gases to complement the oxygen and nitrous oxide.  The options include air, helium, (He), nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2).  The optional gas is supplied to the anesthesia system if desired by means cylinders and yokes which are pin-indexed, by Diameter Indexed Safety System (DISS) pipeline connections, or by both systems.

Color Coding:  Each flow meter, valve, connection, and gauge is labeled and color-coded to each respective gas.

The Narkomed 2B includes three drawer cabinets and 3 vaporizer positions. Data and alarm dual CRT displays are standard.  The unit monitors volume, pressure and oxygen and employs AVEorAV2 volume controlled pressure limited ventilators.  The unit is a prudent choice for tight budgets as it provides value in a workhorse of a machine at a very competitive price.


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