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Drager Fabius MRI

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Compact design, smart ergonomics
The Fabius MRI has a streamlined breathing system, COSY 2.6 that can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the unit, depending on the room layout. Mounted on a short, 8″ arm to provide positioning flexibility, it simplifies usage in a frequently cramped MRI environment. The Fabius MRI also provides you the option of working with the Dräger CLIC disposable soda lime absorber canister.

Broad array of therapy modes
The Fabius® MRI offers you access to a broad range of ventilation modes – including volume, pressure, pressure support and SIMV/PS – providing a maximum level of respiratory care, whatever the patient acuity level.

Electronic ventilator
The Dräger Fabius® MRI includes a servo-controlled, piston ventilator which needs no push gas.  The piston offers accurate volume delivery, and is capable of providing higher inspiratory flows than the conventional bellows ventilator.

Fully certified for MRI
Specifically designed for use in magnetic surroundings, the Dräger Fabius® MRI is accredited for field strengths of up to 40 mTesla or even 400 Gauss. This provides dependable ventilation with 1.5 as well as 3 Tesla MRI systems.

High reliability alerts
The Fabius MRI is equipped with highly noticeable repeater LED optical alarms that alert clinicians to changing patient conditions.

Standard working philosophy
Since it utilizes Dräger’s uniform user interface, Fabius MRI is fast and simple to learn. All relevant information is displayed on a single, higher resolution LCD color display (6.5 inch diagonal).


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