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Drager Apollo

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Drager Apollo Anesthesia Workstation for Sale or Rent

This anesthesia workstation is engineered to offer all-round performance while serving as your personal anesthesia assistant. Apollo integrates a proven design concept with state-of-the-art technology to give you a workflow-oriented anesthesia platform equipped to meet the clinical demands of your practice today and into the future.

Ease of Use

Apollo can play a significant role in optimizing anesthesia workflow and reducing process costs with notable features including the fully automatic self-test. Due to the fact no user interaction is required, you have the capability to get on with other jobs. In addition to giving the user invaluable assistance through best-in-class therapy, Apollo also provides an open-platform architecture – enabling it to be integrated into your overall workflow with relative ease.

Advanced Ventilation

Apollo includes ventilation technology to support patients regardless of age or intensity of care. The E-Vent plus servo controlled high-speed piston ventilator works with high precision to supply a maximum peak flow far exceeding any bellows ventilator. This results in the kind of performance previously only seen in the ICU. In addition, unlike a bellows ventilator, this unit requires no drive gas. The very short response time has evident physiological benefits for your patients, while the digital accuracy helps you optimize the latest ventilation modes.

Enhanced Monitoring

Increase work flow and ease-of-use by selecting a monitor that best suits the Apollo anesthesia machine.  Heartland Medical can help you find the best monitor to go with your Apollo workstation.

Unique Low-Flow Wizard

Apollo is developed with user support in mind and accomplishes this in part by providing optimal low and minimal flow settings. The consistent use of low-flow anesthesia techniques can noticeably reduce expenditures for inhalational anesthetic agents. Reducing the fresh gas flow from 3L/min to 1L/min can generate anesthetic agent savings of up to 50%.

User-Friendly Ergonomics

The Apollo was designed in conjunction with feedback from anesthesiologists and CRNAs from across the United States. As a result, Apollo and its entire anesthesia delivery platform including the Fabius GS, Fabius GS premium and the Fabius Tiro. Apollo includes many practical and ergonomically sound features:

  • All functional elements are within easy reach of a seated or standing user
  • Unique breathing bag arm design gives the ultimate in flexibility
  • Unique larger swivel writing surface
  • Integrated auxiliary O2 and pressure gauges where you need them
  • 2 deep drawers for storage (one is lockable)
  • Integrated footrest and centrally operated brake
  • Integrated and adjustable task lighting
  • Integrated power outlet for vaporizer
  • 2 or 3 vaporizer mount – Auto exclusion interlock system

Automated Startup

  • Simple, straightforward startup enables the staff and provides complete information on device status
  • Enhanced troubleshooting with clear text directions
  • Integrated breathing system eliminates external hoses and clutter, reducing risk of misconnection and disconnection
  • Fully automatic self test lasts approximately three minutes, reflects the results to the user, then makes results available to the user at any time.

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