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Defibtech Lifeline View AED

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Defibtech Lifeline VIEW


Used Defibtech Lifeline View AED for Rental or Purchase

The Defibtech Lifeline View AED Package Includes:

  • Defibtech Lifeline View AED
  • Adult Electrodes
  • Long-life Lithium Battery (4 Years)
  • Rescue Ready Kit (Scissors, Razor, Gauze, Alcohol Wipe, CPR Mask, Bandages)
  • AED Check Tags


Rent, Lease, or Purchase a Used Defibtech Lifeline View AED


Ready for rescue.

When responding to a sudden cardiac arrest, your AED will not only be ready— you’ll be confident knowing it’s ready. By running extensive self tests every single day to ensure it’s working properly, the Lifeline VIEW indicates ready status with a bright, easy to see flashing indicator. This is unlike AEDs which only signal when there’s a problem, generally leaving users to search for key clues as to the root cause of the issue. The Lifeline VIEW is different. With the touch of a button— and without turning on the device itself—a user can quickly check that the AED is ready for rescue. The device instantly communicates the operational status of the AED, battery, and pads.

Show and tell.

In addition to telling you what it’s doing doing, the Lifeline VIEW also shows you through its full-color, detailed, interactive videos. This medical device delivers clear text and corresponding videos that reinforce the voice instructions and aid comprehension. This is especially practical in noisy environments where voice prompts can prove be difficult to comprehend and thus carry out effectively.

A personal coach.

Using the Lifeline VIEW is like having a personal coach at your side. It shows you videos on how to use the device—from preparing the patient to opening and connecting the pads, applying the pads to the patient and delivering the shocks. It even walks you through the steps for effective CPR and rescue breathing. And it can show you any of those tasks as many times as you need to perform with absolute confidence.

Easy upkeep.

Maintaining an AED has never been easier. The Lifeline VIEW has revolutionized AED maintenance— providing convenient self-tests and clear video instructions for checking and changing the pads, battery pack and data card.


** Physician’s Prescription Required by FDA


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