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DataScope Anestar


DataScope Anestar Anesthesia Machine

DataScope Anestar is not supported by the manufacturer and parts may not be available for service or maintenance. 

The Anestar is designed with a color touch screen interface which adjusts the Volume and Pressure Controlled ventilator. The absorber system is heated and features a descending bellows. The machine is capable of both leak as well as compliance compensation.  It includes a 3 drawer cabinet and optional accessories for nasal oxygen and suction.

The Anestar Plus has a unique integrated breathing system comprised of the absorber, ventilator bellows, and a warmed aluminum manifold. This manifold, coupled with a ventilator, offers many high-tech features including automatic compliance compensation, pressure-controlled ventilation, and an easy-to-use touch screen interface. Integration lessens the number of potential leak sites and contributes to the accuracy of ventilation by maintaining an essentially leak-free environment within the breathing system. The warmed aluminum block negates rainout and provides patients with improved airway acclimatization. A variety of ventilation modes allow precise application for a wide variety of patients including those with pulmonary complications. The Anestar complements Datascope Passport 2 and Spectrum monitors and Gas Module SE.

Datascope is now Mindray North America.  

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