Chick OSI SST-3000 Andrews Spinal Surgery Table


Purchase or Rent the Chick OSI SST-3000 Andrews Spinal Refurbished Surgery Table

Product Overview

Whether your requirements include C-arm integration for pedicle screw fixations or prone kneeling for lumbar laminectomies, decompressions and fusions, the SST-3000 defines the standard of excellence.

C-arm Compatibility

The SST-3000 was designed specifically to accommodate radiographic requirements. The unique C-style framework allows for unrestricted C-arm integration for both A/P and lateral intraoperative views.

Minimizes Blood Loss

By allowing the abdomen to hang freely, in a completely dependant position, the SST-3000 eliminates vena caval compression. The result is minimized epidural venus bleeding, thus dramatically improving visualization.


The SST-3000 allows C-arm or conventional X-ray images from S-1 to L-1 with patients in either the knee chest or prone position.

Specialized Padding

OSI utilizes silicone gel pads in the Autoglide Torso Lift, Tibial Support and Thigh Support for soft, even comfortable support.

Ease of Use

The advanced design allows one person (after patient transfer) to place the patient into the operative position with no assistance from other staff members.


In the prone or prone kneeling position the surgeon has control to adjust the patient’s lumbar spine into varying degrees of flexion or extension. The anesthesiologist has control to make the same adjustments introperatively.

Correct Positioning

The Autoglide Torso Lift supports, lifts and repositions the patient as the Foot End of the table is lowered to the 90 degree position. In the operative position, the Autoglide Torso Lift may be elevated in order to achieve the correct positioning of the head/neck and arm/ shoulders.