GE Carescape Monitor B850


Used GE CARESCAPE B850 Patient Monitor For Sale or Rent

The GE CARESCAPE B850 was designed to help manage patient flow with high acuity by providing continuous dependable data  across care areas.  The user-friendly design makes staff training easy and upgradability protects your investment, long term.

The B850 monitor provides trends, snapshots, alarms and events.  This monitor can be used alone or in connection with other devices, including connections to other monitors for bed to bed viewing and to data management software devices.

The B850 monitors is a dependable and supportive platform that encourages clinical intelligence with data continuity.

The advanced design makes training easy in every aspect, no matter the experience level of the staff and structured upgrades protect your investment long-term.

Heartland Medical provides new and refurbished patient monitors for sale or rent. All refurbished hospital monitoring devices receive routine maintenance from certified technicians.

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