Bovie S2 Surgical Light


System Two Surgical Lights- Halogen Series 

  • BRIGHT The System Two Halogen Series produces up to
    102,000 Lux* (9,500 foot candles**) at 1 meter using a halogen bulb
  • WHITE The Halogen series has 4,000 degrees Kelvin color temperature allowing for excellent tissue rendition
  • CLEAR Multi-faceted reflector design increases shadow
    reduction for positioning flexibility during exam and procedure
  • VERSATILE Two light-head diameters options (a 16″ reflector
    and a 20″ reflector), four-Stage dimming, a variety of mounting
    styles and a multitude of optional accessories offer the ultimate degree of office and surgery room capability
  • LOW MAINTENANCE The 10,000 hour halogen bulb is
    effortlessly changed in under a minute
  • RELIABILITY The System Two Halogen Series is backed by
    a three (3) year manufacturer’s limited warranty**The limited warranty excludes all bulbs and LED’s**Measurement varies based on light-head diameter