Bovie Centurion Excel Portable Floor Model CH-FM


Centurion Excel Surgical Lights 
  • COMPELLING The 21st Century Series lights by Medical Illumination International
  • CLEAR For improved shadow reduction the Centurion Excel uses a large 16″ diameter, multi-faceted reflector placed behind a color-correcting, heat absorbing glass cylinder
  • BRIGHT The Centurion Excel is output rated 64,500 lux (6000 foot candles) at 4,000 Kelvin color temperature
  • EFFICIENT 2000 hour, 90 watt bulb is effortlessly replaced when needed
  • VERSATILE Additional lighting accessories are available to construct the perfect lighting system solution
  • SMOOTH Light-head smoothly adjusts into perfect placement for optimum visualization during procedure
  • RELIABILITY The Centurion Excel is backed by a three (3) year manufacturer’s limited warranty**The limited warranty excludes all bulbs and LED’s