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Arcoma-Medstone Mobile Vascular Imaging Table

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Arcoma Mobile Vascular Refurbished Imaging Table Can Be Purchased or Rented

The Arcoma Mobile C Arm table is from the Precision Series for urology, pain management and vascular digital imaging.  This table has complete 360° rotation – allowing 3D imaging- with emphasis on high-quality and reliability.

The Arcoma Vascular Imaging Table is a motorized mobile table with up to 5 movements:  

  1. Elevation (LIFT)
  2. ±15° Trendelenburg Tilt
  3. ±15° Lateral Tilt
  4. 15.75″ (40cm) Longitudinal Table top
  5. ±3.50″ (9cm) Lateral Tabletop Travel

About the Arcoma Mobile C Arm Table: 

  • Carbon Fibre Rectangular Table Top
    • 82″ x 24″ (61cm x 208cm) with Accessory side rails (in non imaging area)
  • Patient loading 500 pounds (227kg) evenly distributed
  • (3) Patient restraints
  • Removable catheter tray
    • 24″ x 24″ (61cm x 61cm)
      • Optional: 24″ x 36″ (61cm x 91.50 cm)
  • Table top pad
    • 2″ (0.50cm) thick
  • Radiolucent imaging free area
    • 64″ (162.5cm)
  • Longitudinal table top travel
    • 36″ (91.5cm)
  • Lateral table top travel
    • 8″ (20cm) ±4″ (10cm)
  • Motorized table elevation rated at 500 pounds (227kg)
    • Standard 400mm Lift: 26.50″ (67cm) minimum to 42.25″ (107 cm) maximum height
    • Optional 300mm Lift: 24.50″ (62cm) minimum to 36.25″ (92cm) maximum height
  • Table controls
    • Push button (Mushroom) type four-way table top movement release control with safety interlock (adjustable side rail mounted)
    • Foot control table elevation and four-way table top release control
  • Fistula arm board
  • Wheels
    • 4″ (10cm) Hospital grade, with individual locks

Other Options:

  • Snap-on patient arm board
  • Slide-on scatter protection shield


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Radiographic Tables (C-Arm Compatible)