Alaris 8300 EtCO₂ Module

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The Alaris 8300 Series EtCO₂ Module, measuring end tidal carbon dioxide, plugs into a POC device that acts as the brain of the attached modular unit(s). The 8300 series EtCO2 module is a continuous respiratory monitor for all patient care areas. The easy-to-use technology works with both intubated and non-intubated patients.

The advanced respiratory technology of the Alaris 8300 adds additional aspects of safety at the point-of-care which pauses a PCA infusion if a patient falls below the hospital’s respiratory limit.

The Alaris 8300 provides flexibility with customizable profiles across all patient care areas.

The Alaris 8300 utilizes the Oridion FilterLine® family of EtCO₂ breath sampling lines through oral and nasal sampling (even from patients with low tidal volumes)  to meet a broad range of sampling needs with or without oxygen deliver.  This feature eliminates the need for moving parts, external sensors or routine calibration.


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