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Criticare 503DX miniSPO2T

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Criticare 503DX miniSpO2


Refurbished Criticare 503DX miniSPO2T Patient Monitor For Sale

503DX miniSPO2T

Detect and assess changes in oxygen saturation in record time! The miniSPO2 T, with the same advanced DOX digital technology as our multiple parameter vital signs monitors, lets you evaluate oxygen saturation and heart rate in a broad range of patients, from neonatal to adult. Small, lightweight, and easy to use, the miniSPO2T is ideal for spot-check and transport monitoring in hospitals, clinics, private offices, and EMS.

Practical features, like 24 hours of continuous operation and a full 4-year replacement guarantee, combined with an incredible price, make the rugged, reliable miniSPO2T a truly exceptional value.

Powerful Capabilities

• AdvancedDOX SpO2 and Heart Rate for routine, periodic spot- check measurements and transport monitoring.

• With just one compact, ultra-lightweight, handheld monitor, accommodate all of your patients – from neonatal to adult.

• UniqueDOX digitalSpO2 technology for improved pulse recognition and artifact rejection.

• Fully compatible with our comprehensive line of high- quality reusable and disposable sensors.

• 4 AA batteries provide 24 hours of continuous operation.

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