Find Drager Apollo Anesthesia Machine for sale or rental

The Drager Apollo Anesthesia Machine

Find Drager Apollo Anesthesia Machine for sale or rental

Drager Apollo Anesthesia Machine


In the swiftly ­evolving, ever-changing medical world, technologists and engineers are actively working to improve, simplify and refine anesthesia machines used in operating rooms .  The goal is to make devices that are safer, easier to use and more economical.  That challenge is being met with the Drager Apollo.

Because the Drager Apollo was designed with the user in mind, everything about it – from the power button to the monitor- is straightforward and simple.  The anesthesia delivery platform is practical and ergonomically sound with easy-to-access components for both sitting and standing users.  The machine also comes with conveniently located integrated auxiliary O2 and pressure gauges for the clinician’s usability.  The Drager Apollo provides accurate and precise anesthesia delivery to the patient as well as a workspace that is both suitable for the healthcare environment and beneficial to the user.

The Drager Apollo can come with a two or three vaporizer mount with an auto-exclusion interlock system and optimal low and minimal flow settings which can significantly reduce the cost of inhalational anesthetic agents.  The Apollo also has the ventilation technology to support patients of any age and acuity.

Heartland Medical Knows Anesthesia Machines

These benefits and more come standard with the Drager Apollo, making it a great option for any hospital, surgery center or operating room.  And Heartland Medical can help you get this machine into your facility at a cost that is within your budget.  Heartland Medical specializes in outfitting turnkey operating room and surgery centers and we’d love to help you find the right medical equipment for your facility today!

Heartland Medical is also the leading medical equipment service provider in the Midwest.  We have a team of highly trained and knowledgeable biomedical service technicians to provide in-house bench repair and on-site field service for facilities in our region.   Our technicians have years of experience and schooling and are prepared to assist you and your facility in any way they can.

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