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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for the amazing service.  You have gone above and beyond what I expected.  I will be sure to promote your website and product.

Dr. Bergmann

Tony Pistello can always be counted on for reliable service.  He conducts himself in a very professional manner and is very knowledgeable when it comes to Anesthesia equipment.  Tony has help us resolve many  problems with our Drager Apollo Anesthesia machines at our facility and also does preventative maintenance on our Drager Narkomeds. He is very good at answering our phone calls and when he doesn’t, he always returned our calls almost immediately. His troubleshooting techniques are very commendable and he does the repairs in a timely manner, which is an asset to me and my organization. We feel fortunate to have such a friendly and educated service technician in our area.

R.M. @ St. Elizabeth East Hospital

Let me take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate the service you have provided for our facility.  While the facility has had an ongoing relationship with Heartland Medical for many years, I have been working with you and Heartland for nearly two years and have received excellent customer service every time I have called.  The service is provided very promptly and competently which is greatly appreciated.  We have confidence in knowing you will call to schedule the visit, without fail.  Thanks for the continued service and dependability.

T. J. @ APAC Partners

I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the services you provide for us. Not only that but also  for the educational information that you share which has helped me do a better job and provide better and faster service to our staff.  Your professionalism and positive attitude are what influenced me to become more involved with our anesthesia equipment.

N. H. @ St. James Hospital

I have been acquainted with Tony Pistello since Indiana Surgery Center-Kokomo opened in 2001. He has been our technician with Heartland Medical. He routinely does PM checks and repairs on our anesthesia machines. As equipment coordinator, I appreciate his punctuality and expertise regarding our machines. I trust his advise regarding repairs and maintenance of our machines. I further appreciate that he makes every attempt to adjust to our schedule and notifies me well in advance of the need to schedule anesthesia machine PMs.

S. S. @ Indiana Surgery Center

Tony Pistello and Heartland Medical have had our service contract for the past six years.  We have just renewed the contract for another three years.  Over these years,  we have purchased numerous reconditioned Draeger machines from Heartland at a fair price and have been more than satisfied with the both Mr. Pistello and the machines.  Consistently he is prompt and knowledgeable as a service rep and Heartland has given us more than competitive pricing for service and equipment.

S. P. B. @ Little Company of Mary Hospital

I just wanted to send a thank you out for the exceptional service Krannert Cardiology has received over the years from Heartland.  I have been very pleased by the knowledgeable and fast service we have gotten from our field representative.  Heartland has gone above and beyond in helping our facility run smoothly.  I always know if we have a problem I can call and someone will promptly be there to answer any questions or concerns.  Many Thanks! The hospitality and service support shown by Heartland staff is greatly appreciated.

N. C. @ Krannert Institute of Cardiology

Heartland has been our service company for many years. I started working at Jewish Hospital & Saint Mary’s Healthcare in 1999. As a BMET II and a former Senior Service Technician for North American Drager, my main responsibility is to provide the best Anesthesia Equipment possible to my providers. This would not be possible without the expertise and the professional service I receive from Heartland Medical. I have approximately 40 plus anesthesia machines that range in age, so problems do occur. If a problem arises, the service rep responds in a timely manner and the issue is resolved to my high expectations. If you are looking for a professional service organization for your equipment, look no further than Heartland Medical.

M. Y. @ Jewish Hospital and St. Mary’s Healthcare

This is a letter of endorsement of Heartland Medical Inc. of Louisville, Ky.   The service personnel have maintained the Anesthesia Systems at our Medical Center for the past 12 years.  Their professionalism and knowledge of the service and repair of the Medical Equipment in the Operating Rooms is above reproach.   It is with total confidence I endorse Heartland Medical for the maintenance of the Anesthesia Systems  in any medical facility.

A. K. @ Robley Rex VA Medical Center

Heartland Medical has provided service on our anesthesia carts since 2001 and has always given timely, efficient, and friendly service.  The quality of their work and knowledge of their staff is second to none. “

J. M. @ Saint Anthony Memorial Woodland Health Center

Heartland Medical has been great partners with Kirby Hospital for the past 4 years.  We never have to call Heartland; they call us to check in and schedule their quarterly visit like a clock work.  Our tech Tony has been very helpful in moving forward with new equipment.  Heartland’s customer service is top notch.

B.  M. @ Kirby Hospital

Our surgery center has been in operation for eight years and we have used Heartland Medical to service our anesthesia machines since opening.  Our service technician has always been prompt in response to unplanned service issues and works to provide timely, high quality service with minimal disruption to our staff and surgery schedule.  We have been very pleased with the service provided by our technician and Heartland Medical”.

SJW @ Franciscan Surgery Center

Porter Health System has been using Heartland Medical to repair and PM all of our Drager anesthesia machines for the past 5 years. The professionalism, knowledge of the equipment, and response time is the best we have experienced. We would recommend the use of Heartland Medical to service anesthesia machines.

R. B. @ Porter Health System

Heartland Medical has provide us prompt and courteous service for our anesthesia machines at significant cost savings.

J. S. – Clinical Engineering Coordinator

Heartland Medical helped supply our facility with refurbished equipment when we opened in the fall of 2007. At that time, we contracted Heartland Medical to provide preventative maintenance on our anesthesia equipment as well as emergency response if needed. Our service tech has earned our trust by being very responsive when issues arise and being on time when scheduled maintenance is due. Our sales representative, was there for us in the beginning and recently assisted us in acquiring 2 new operating room beds while also helping us with issues as small as purchasing single use thermometer covers. Both service technician and sales representative are examples of employees who put the customer first and their commitment to our facility does not go unnoticed.

S. D. @ Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center

We have used Heartland to service our anesthesia machines for the past two years.  The service is stellar!  Close attentions is paid to all components of timeliness and customer satisfaction – whether PM or issue-related, their work is of highest quality.  I would recommend Heartland with confidence and without exception!

L. A. @ The Surgery Center, LLC

It is with great pleasure that I write regarding my experience with the people, products, and services of Heartland Medical.  In 2007 I helped organize and start a 2 operating room doctor’s office.  It was at that time that I met a Heartland sales representative, who would become instrumental in the initial success and smooth operation of the new facility. Our sales rep was available to us, it seemed, 24/7 and became a trusted source of both high quality equipment and the knowledge to make the equipment satisfy our needs.  Even when the issue did not involve “big ticket” items, the enthusiasm and expertise he brought to the task made all of us at our little surgery center feel as if we were Heartland’s most important customer.

It is easy to see that refurbished medical equipment saves money. However, this equipment only achieves real value when it is backed by solid service.  We learned that lesson through difficult experience with a competitor, yet our day to day operation was unaffected thanks to your company.  When a crucial piece of equipment fails, a small facility like ours can be crippled without the necessary backup.  The service personnel from Heartland not only kept us up and running, but provided the knowledge to allow us to avoid problems before they occurred.  Top notch sales and service are the bedrock of a dependable company like Heartland.

Medical electronics seem to have a finite lifetime and don’t lend themselves as well to refurbishing like other medical equipment.  We learned from our Heartland sales rep that a used car, if properly maintained, can have a long and extended life.  However, a used television has a fixed life when in constant use.  Our sales rep introduced us to the monitors of Mindray, products I had not previously seen.  Not only did we find that Mindray fit in our budget, but that the monitors were easy to use and and reliable.  Mindray monitors allowed us to have new electronics because of their solid price.  Like our other equipment, their value to us was truly enhanced by the staff of Heartland Medical.

It was a pleasure doing business with Heartland Medical.

S. F. L. – M.D.