About Our Used Vital Sign & Patient Monitoring Equipment

Buying Pre-Owned Patient Monitors and Vital Signs Monitors from Heartland Medical Can Offer Substantial Cost Savings Over Buying New

A reliable and affordable medical equipment dealer, Heartland Medical specializes in the sales and service of used and refurbished monitoring equipment. Our wide selection of patient monitors and vital signs monitors are the highest quality and most reasonably priced available to health care professionals. We guarantee that you don’t have to compromise patient outcomes on these essential items to stay within your budget.

Featured Used Patient Monitors for Sale

  • criticare_ngenuity_8100e

    CritiCare nGenuity 8100e Series

  • Refurbished Datascope Spectrum OR Patient Monitor For Sale

    Datascope Spectrum OR

  • Refurbished Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Monitor For Sale

    Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Compact Anesthesia Monitor

  • Used iM60&iM70 Patient Monitors For Sale or Rent

    Edan iM60 & iM70 Patient Monitors

  • Purchased Used or New Edan M50 Patient Monitor

    Edan M50 Patient Monitor

  • Used GE Carescape Patient Monitors For Sale

    GE Carescape B650 Monitor

Patient Monitors Offered by Heartland Medical

  • Our cardiac patient monitors provide continuous electrocardiography that assesses a patient’s condition relative to his or her cardiac (heart) rhythm. Some options we offer include a small, portable Holter monitor designed to be worn by an ambulatory patient or an invasive Swan-Ganz catheter that measures cardiac output.
  • Our hemodynamic patient monitors assess blood pressure and blood flow within a patient’s circulatory system. Our highly sensitive monitors measure blood pressure either invasively through an inserted blood pressure transducer assembly, or non-invasively with an inflatable blood pressure cuff.
  • Our respiratory patient monitors include:
    • Pulse oximetry monitors, which measure oxygen saturation in the blood, referred to as SpO2, via an infrared finger cuff.
    • Heartland Medical’s capnography monitors measure CO2, called EtCO2 or end-tidal carbon dioxide concentration.
    • Our respiratory rate patient monitors measure airflow through a thoracic transducer belt, an ECG channel or capnography.
  • Heartland Medical’s neurological patient monitors measures activity such intracranial pressure. For neurosurgery intensive care units, our brain EEG patient monitors have a large multi-channel capability as well as the capability to monitor other physiological events.
  • Our highly responsive blood glucose patient monitors measure a patient’s blood sugar levels.
  • Our selection of childbirth patient monitors measures maternal-fetal activity, including contractions.
  • Our body temperature monitors measures a patient’s temperature through an adhesive pad with a thermoelectric transducer.

Vital Signs Monitors

Heartland Medical also offers a variety of responsive, high-quality vital signs monitors. These anesthetic machines include integrated systems for monitoring blood pressure and heart rate, among other parameters. Our vital signs monitors include the most effective and accurate systems to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, pulse oximetry and respiratory rate, among other activity.

Heartland Medical understands how important it is for multi-modal monitors that simultaneously measure and display the relevant vital parameters to be integrated into the bedside monitors in critical care units, as well as in the anesthetic machines in operating rooms. We are proud to offer medical equipment that can streamline and enhance health care delivery to our customers’ patients.

We also know that continuous monitoring of a patient can mean the difference between life and death. You can rest assured that our pre-owned patient monitors and vital signs monitors are the finest and most reliable available.

Browse our selection of patient monitors and vital signs monitors for sale by clicking here…our trusted brands include Edan and Phillips.