Stainless Medical Equipment

No operating room would be complete with a large amount of stainless medical equipment, steel is the preferred material for equipment in medical facilities. Heartland Medical Sales and Service carries all the necessary medical stainless steel equipment that you need for your medical facility. We have a wide selection of blanket warmers, fluid warming cabinets, scrub sinks, stainless steel storage cabinets, nurses stations, case carts, IV stands, and much more. If it is stainless steel and made for use in a hospital, emergency room, or operating room we have it.

Stainless steel medical equipment is a popular material used in operating rooms and hospitals because it does not corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does. Research has also indicated that the survival rate of the bacteria under was twice as high on plastics as on stainless steel or glass. The 99.21% mortality rate of E-coli bacteria- after 120 minutes on stainless steel – was particularly high compared with the other materials. In a hospital sanitary conditions are obviously of the upmost importance. Stainless steel is less susceptible to bacteria because it is more resistant to scratches than most surfaces. Scratches in other materials harbor bacteria and can become a breeding area for harmful bacteria like E. coli. Stainless steel equipment also does not need to be treated with any protective coating, and will not warp. As a result, it shows very little wear, resists bacterial adherence, and can be effectively cleaned for many years.

For expert service and product knowledge in stainless medical equipment call Heartland Medical Sales and Service. We pride ourselves on customer service and we will help you find exactly what you need.