Surgical Tables

Heartland Medical carries a large selection of new and used surgical and operating room tables from recognized medical equipment manufacturers including Steris-Amsco, Skytron, Maquet, Arcoma-Medstone, Stryker, Nuvo, and Shampaine. We offer a solution for every operating room and budget with our wide range of refurbished surgery tables.

All OR tables are available for sale or rent. Heartland Medical also offers maintenance and repair services on this type of medical equipment.

Superior surgical tables are the foundation for better patient outcomes. Please contact us for further information or for a quote.

Browse Our New and Used Surgical Tables For Sale

  • AMSCO 2080 Manual Control Surgical Table

  • AMSCO 2080 RC Major Surgery Table

  • AMSCO 3085 SP Major Surgical Table

  • AMSCO Orthographic 2 Table

  • Amsco OrthoVision Orthopedic Surgical Table

  • AMSCO Quantum 3080 RC Surgical Table

  • AMSCO Quantum 3080 RL Surgical Table

  • AMSCO Quantum 3080 SP Surgical Table

  • Arcoma Mobile Vascular Imaging Table

  • Arcoma-Medstone ELITE Series C-Arm Tables

  • Arcoma-Medstone PRECISION Series C-Arm Table

  • Arcoma-Medstone Urology Tables

  • Chick 703 Orthopedic and Surgical Operating Table

  • Chick OSI SST-3000 Andrews Spinal Surgery Table

  • Maquet 1130-1 Surgical Table

  • Maquet Alphastar General Surgery Table

  • Morgan Basic One™ Surgical Table

  • Nuvo Surgical Volante V1000 OR Table

  • Nuvo Surgical Volante V1000T OR Table

  • Nuvo Surgical Volante V750 OR Table

  • Shampaine 4900 Surgical Table

  • Shampaine 5100B Surgical Table

  • Skytron 3001 C-Arm Surgery Table

    Skytron 3001 C-Arm Surgery Table

  • Skytron 3100 General Purpose Surgical Table

  • Skytron 3500 Surgical Table

  • Skytron 6500 Elite General Purpose Surgical Table

  • Skytron 6500 HD O.R. Surgery Table

  • Skytron 6600 Surgical Table

  • Skytron Elite 5000 & 5001 Electro- Hydraulic Surgical Table

  • Skytron Elite 6000 Electro- Hydraulic Surgical Tables

  • Skytron Hercules 6701 Surgical Table

  • Steris 3080R Surgical Table

  • Steris 4085 General Surgical Table

  • Steris Cmax Surgical Table

  • Steris SurgiGraphic 6000

  • Stryker Trio Mobile Stretcher & Surgical Table

  • Sunnex SX800LSK OR Table

  • Steris 5085 surgical table

    Steris 5085 Surgical Tables – Refurbished