Electrosurgical Units

New, Used, and recertified or refurbished Electrosurgical Units for sale and rental. Heartland Medical Sales and Services offers the most advanced electrosurgical devices available to hospitals and surgical centers today. Choose available models from the most recognized medical equipment manufacturers in the industry including Valleylab, Conmed, and Bovie. Heartland also services electrosurgical equipment. Please contact us with any questions or to get a quote.

Available New and Used Electrosurgical Units For Sale

  • Conmed System 5000 cautery unit

    Conmed System 5000

  • Valleylab Force Triad Energy Platform

  • Valleylab Force FX Electrosurgical Generator

  • Valleylab Force FXc

  • Valleylab Force EZ Electrosurgical Generator

  • Valleylab Force 2 ESU Electrosurgical/Cautery Unit

  • Bovie AARON 900 High Frequency Desiccator

  • Bovie Aaron 1250 High Frequency Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie Aaron 2250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie Aaron 3250 Digital Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie IDS-200 Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie IDS-300 Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie Specialist Electrosurgical Unit

  • conmed sabre 2400

    Conmed Sabre 2400 Electrosurgical Unit

  • Valleylab Electrosurgical SurgiStat II

  • Bovie Aaron 940 High Frequency Desiccator

  • Bovie Aaron 950 High Frequency Desiccator with Cut

  • Bovie ICON Gi Electrosurgical Generator

  • Bovie Smoke Shark Evacuator