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For most of us, being able to live a normal, healthy life is very important and being told that you require surgery can truly throw a monkey wrench into your sense of well being.

The prospect of undergoing a surgical procedure, whether classified as minor or major, can be of concern if not downright scary, especially if you are to be administered an anesthetic of any kind.

You might worry about the procedure being performed without any problems or about the chance of human error causing some distress to your body – or even in a worst case scenario – risking your life.

Anesthesia Is Safe and Effective

Anesthesia is necessary for most surgeries and human error is an inevitable part of every situation, but mortality rates and the rate of human error in surgeries have continued to decrease steadily over the past 100 years. According to Time Magazine, in the 1940s, for every one million patients who underwent surgery with full anesthesia, 640 died. By the end of the 1980s,  those fatalities were down to four per million, due largely to modern safety standards and advances in medical training.

Today, anesthesia machines are made to alert doctors, surgeons and nurses of any changes in the patient as they undergo anesthesia.  These machines are well equipped to keep you, the patient,  safely under anesthesia while also keeping you sedated with the proper amount of anesthetic gas so you do not experience any discomfort

Studies have shown that in healthy patients, the mortality rate not only continues to decrease, and risk of a negative outcome is also declining. So, while undergoing surgery of any kind can be frightening, take comfort in knowing that the science of anesthesia has come a long way and that being under anesthesia is not only beneficial, but it is also becoming drastically less of a risk every day!

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