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At Heartland Medical, we like people to know we are company built on high standards, quality products and family values.  We believe  good things happen to good people and strive to be not only the best at what we do, but also to retain a reputation that says we care […]

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What Sets Heartland Medical Apart?

Over the years, Heartland Medical has striven to meet a number of goals.  We have aimed to improve with each passing year,  worked towards constant improvement and aspired to be the best at what we do.  There have been many obstacles to overcome and plenty of hurdles to clear, but […]

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To Know Us Is To Love Us The most important aspect of every successful company is the foundation the company is built upon.  And the foundation of a company is built upon the people who work there. Any company can claim to be the best at what they do or […]

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The History Of Heartland Medical

Serving Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Clinics and Practices Since 1998 In August of 1998, Heartland Medical Sales & Services was established by six partners who wanted to bring their extensive knowledge, experience and personal dedication to the medical equipment sales and service industry. When this group of entrepreneurs embarked on the […]

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Heartland Medical has been on the leading edge of medical equipment sales, rental, and service for more than 20 years.  Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Heartland Medical offers a wide range of surgical medical equipment and devices including anesthesia machines, patient monitors, lights, defibrillators and surgery tables, sterilizers, stretchers, EKG machines […]

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Evaluating Your Anesthesia Machine Performance

  Every day, thousands of people undergo surgery.  Some surgeries are routine, uncomplicated, outpatient cases- quick and virtually painless.  Other surgeries are extensive, life or death cases, which can last hours. Some surgeries are medically necessary- open-heart surgery, brain surgery or caesarean delivery- while others are elective- such as cosmetic […]

When Emergencies Arise, AEDs Save Lives

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Assist Heart Attack Responders At A Critical Time Have you ever had something bad happen to you when you least expected it?  If you answered ‘No’, consider yourself lucky.  If you answered, ‘Yes’, you are in good company because most everyone has had something bad happen […]

Drager Anesthesia Machine Just Keeps Improving

  One of the best anesthesia machines in the marketplace just keeps getting better. Combining time-tested design concepts with the comfort and utility of modern digital technology, the Fabius GS Premium is an anesthesia workstation built for today and equipped for the future. Featuring low-flow ventilation, compact breathing system and […]

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Anesthesia Equipment Trends: A Brief History

Anesthesia Equipment has advanced tremendously since Dr Morton first demonstrated in 1846 that a surgical procedure could be performed without the patient feeling pain or having any recollection of the event. Early models provided delivery of Oxygen that could be supplemented with Nitrous Oxide and flammable anesthetic agents such as […]

Heartland Medical Sales & Services

Heartland Medical Sales & Services has been selected as one of six vendors for remarketed goods for the Premier GPO which serves 2600 facilities nationwide. Mike Dirr did a fantastic job handling the negotiation process with input and support from the team. Thanks to everyone that played a part.

We have been vetted and selected as a preferred vendor on the Premier GPO…very powerful words!

Daniel Reissig Rejoins the Heartland Medical Team

Daniel Reissig formerly worked with Heartland Medical and already had a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bioengineering but left to attend seminary school. He has accomplished that goal and received a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministries from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and is now an Ordained Minister. As […]

Daniel Reissig Heartland Medical employee

Heartland Medical Adds Seiler and Datrend Systems

The Heartland Medical office building has been buzzing this week.   All of the out-of-town employees joined the in-town employees at home-base in Louisville, Kentucky for our annual new year meetings which started on Monday, January 7th and ended on Wednesday, January 9th.  We discussed sales expectations, fresh new ideas […]

A One-Stop Shop For Medical Device Sales

Heartland Medical Sales & Services offers an extensive line of commercial hospital equipment, surgical tools, and operating room devices. Heartland Medical has just teamed up with them to become a distributor of Cardinal Detecto, a manufacturer of healthcare scales of all types for various industry related facilities. In addition we […]